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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cleaning the Kitchen #1 - Floors

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To clean floors you need to take into consideration the type of surface you have. Is it tile or linoleum? If you clean your floors once a week you won’t have tough messes to clean up. If you spill something on the floor clean it up right away, don’t let it sit and dry.  Start with a sink ¼ to ½ full of warm to hot water. Add your cleaning solution to the water.

Add rugs near high traffic areas like in front of your stove and sink. This will catch any spills and all you have to do is place the rug in the laundry.  

Wood surface (shiny) – You never want loads of water on a wood floor. To clean use a lightly damp mop to loosen the dirt, rinse completely, ring out the mop and then go over the floor one more time.
Although vinegar is a natural cleaning solution you never want to use it on a wood floor as it dulls the surface. Instead use a bit of mild dish washing liquid in your warm water. A touch of baking soda and a damp sponge will clear your floor of scuff marks.

Use a towel to buff the floor once it is clean. You can either put the towel right on the mop or place the towel on the floor and dry the floor by hand.

Wood surface (matte)- These floors have oil soaked into the wood so you don’t want to use water on this type of floor. Natural citrus solutions are best for this type of surface. Just spray a thin layer on the top and use a dry mop to clean it up.

Laminate flooring – This was made to be an easily cleaned. You can use a vacuum or a dust mop on this surface. For spills just clean it with a damp cloth or sponge.

Vinyl or Linoleum floors – sweep and dust often. You can mop the floor with warm water and a bit of liquid dish detergent.   This floor is perfect for the vinegar and water solution as it makes it shine.

Ceramic tiles – Cleaning should always begin with a thorough wetting of the floor -vacuum or sweep regularly to prevent build-up. Finally, use a mild detergent to clean the floor, never use abrasives. 

Keeping Home Wednesday Link Up - Start

Since starting the Blogging for God 40 day challenge I've been trying to 'fit' into a linky. There are so many to choose from and I'm not sure all my posts will fit into the ones I know of.

So... I created one of my own. I'm pretty sure there are some similar to this among homemaking blogs but as I have a blog series coming up with keeping home as a theme I thought this would be a great start.

Retired Linky - Join up with these: 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Updates: Crochet Dish Cloth

Double crochet Shell Stitch 
I joined a Squidoo Facebook Group last week and one of the goals of the group is to encourage one another to update old lenses and make new lenses. Today was my first participation in the theme which was 'help'. I decided to update my Crochet Dish Cloth Pattern article.

I linked it to my Cleaning Tawashi blog post as well as to my tutorials on how to make the single crochet and half double crochet stitches. Updated the Amazon modules & added an IPK image courtesy of

While updating my crochet blog I saw a post by Ball Hank n' Skein which highlights four dish cloth patterns made from simple stitches - Grit Stitch, Hdc shell, Hdc cross stitch, and the Granite stitch.

updated 11/30/2014

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bloggy Mom: My Scariest Moment

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My Scariest Moment by far has got to be when I was going through a rough period soon after giving birth to my last son. I went through a major postpartum depression which morphed into Bipolor Disorder. (something I still battle today)

Anyhow, during these 'mood swings' I would be a Jekell and Hyde kind of person. I can remember seeing the fear in my sons' eyes and hating myself for that.

This is the moment when I took my treatment seriously. I decided to stay with my family and fight. It might not have been 'pretty' all of the time but our family is intact and we do love each other.

I hate that I make mistakes. I'm sure there are mothers who would do a better job but for some reason I was  granted this privilege. I cherish my boys and my husband and respect them for staying and wanting me around even though I'm a mess.

Take a look at that photo - How can you as a parent bring the fear in your own child like that? The Bible tells fathers (and mothers) not to stir up anger in a child. Basically raise them as their Lord Jesus would - which means with unconditional love and respect.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bloggy Moms: The Best Book I've Read Recently

get the flat belly you deserve Recently I've been reading a number of eBooks on my Kindle. One in particular that was a rather fast read and inspiring too was 101 Kick Axx Things To Do Instead Of Eating: Get The Flat Belly You Deserve! I purchased this as an impulse buy when I purchase the eBook Building A Blog for Readers - 101 Questions to Ask Before You Launch Your Blogging Empire by Nick Thacker.

Anyhow, the 101 things to do instead of eating is written like a journal - kind of like something I would have kept in high school. It gives simple ideas for you do to instead of stuffing your face when your body is not physically hungry.

Lexi Burke Alexander splits the 101 ideas into 10 Sections: 

  • Fitness Tricks
  • Mind and Body Beauty
  • Make More Money
  • Household Hobbies
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Family Matters
  • Friends with Benefits
  • Preventative Measures
  • Clean Up Your World
  • Pass the Time
In each section she has 10 ideas that will help you hone in on that quality, like making more money instead of spending it on food and stuffing yourself beyond full. 

Although some of the ideas repeat themselves they do fit within the sections she has. It is a quick read & definitely worth the .99 cents I spent on it. (If you are a Prime member you can borrow the book for Free) 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Remember When... I Got My First Paycheck

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I was sixteen when I got my first job as a crew person at Mc Donalds. I was super excited just to have a job. I wouldn't say that it was my ideal first job but it was a job and I would be earning my first paycheck.

I believe I only stayed at that job for six months or so. I was still in high school and although I was a great student, I was also working 40 hours per week. I know now that it shouldn't have been that way because of labor laws. I also know that I could have said no when asked to work.

I remember being so scared - I'm shy especially when I first start out with people but this was new people nearly every minute of the 8 hour shift. I'm not sure how I lasted but I did and I did get my first paycheck.

I was super responsible back then so unlike some teenagers who would have gone crazy with it, I put it in the bank. I had plans for my future and one of them was getting out of my Dad's house. (funny because due to circumstances I'm back plus I've brought along a husband and 2 children)

By the time senior year came I had quite a bit saved. I went off to college the next fall where I proceeded to spend like crazy on silly things like Disneyland, Movies and Pizza Hut pizza. There's nothing like waking up the next morning after cramming for an exam to a glass of flat Pepsi and a piece of greasy Pepperoni Pizza.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Learning Patience Through Frustration

Today I awoke to a blue screen on my computer. Spent the whole day trying to solve the problem but eventually had to give up and set to factory settings sans backup. Ugh Everything is lost. I told my husband it was like a little funeral because it felt like a part of me died. My entire journal was on my laptop, pre-written articles and posts and NO I didn't backup to a disk or separate hard drive.

Lately I feel like no matter what I do it just ends up wrong. Yesterday I spent nearly 8 hours typing up the eBook to be ready for publishing on Kindle - gone. Needless to say, I didn't retype it today. Letting myself cool down after the crash.

Today I had to cancel our sponsorship of Sara and Ravi. It breaks my heart because I so fought to make the money to support them. I love receiving letters from them. I'll be writing them last letters tomorrow.

Good thing I saved our photos onto disk or else those would be gone too.

Advice: Get in the habit of backing up everything, better yet backup on the cloud or through something like carbonite as well as a separate hard drive for a double backup.

Here's to another day in the life, right?

Loving my boys - both are done with school - the eldest has a summer class that starts next week. We share a birthday on the 27th so I'll be driving him to our yearly trip to San Francisco. Surprised he still wants me to go - but then I'm his ride so it's kind of necessary.

J. passed his red tip today so will be promoting to blue next week. He's so stoked.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Update 6/2012/11

anitapatterson from
I've been busy updating blogs the last two weeks. Before all of the medical stuff happened I had just started 3 WordPress blogs and an email list. (all paid) I was paying monthly on them with income from writing articles and doing side jobs (virtual assistant) work for a couple of people.

I had to cancel all of those subscriptions and sadly I must admit some of it was on my credit card. I jumped into it fully confident that I would finally earn more income. Advice - never ever put stuff on credit.

As far as the content I wrote for the blogs, luckily I pre-wrote most of my articles for the new blog and was able to just type them up. Anything I wrote for is lost. I was also involved in an internship to get more experience in the tasks of a virtual assistant but had to put that on the back burner. 

Right now my day consists of wrapping up homeschool for my youngest (one more week yay), writing articles to promote my Squidoo pages and updating the blogs with past material.

I read the past posts here of how I was feeling last month and even in April - so close to when I released an Angel to heaven. I would never have thought I'd be writing again and venturing out of the house.

I'm attending a grieving group and I'm thinking talking with others really has helped me through this - I know if I was isolating myself like I normally do I would just sink into a deep depression.

It's taking me a while but everything is slowly going back to some sort of doable schedule.

Hoping I can reach my writing and earnings goal for this month.

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