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“She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.” -Proverbs 31:27

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Month of Blue Sundays

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"Exhaustion is a sign that you need to stop what you have been doing"says the Doctor.

My Beloved by Kari Jobe

You are my beloved you are my bride
To Sing Over you is my delight
Come Away with ME my love

Under My Mercy come and WAIT
Till we are standing face to face
I see no stain on you My Child

You're beautiful to ME
So beautiful to ME

I sing over you my song of Peace
Cast all you cares down at my FEET
Come and find your REST in me

I'll breathe my life inside of you
I'll bare you up on eagle's wings
And hide you in the shadow of my Strength

I'll take you to my quiet waters
I'll restore your soul
Come rest in me and be made whole

You're my beloved, You're my bride
To sing over you is my delight
Come away with me my LOVE.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Love of My Life

Love of My Life
19 years ago today I was barefoot on the grass
My crochet wedding dress on
Youth and naivety

You were my hippie
I was your sunshine
Together we were going to Love the world

Obstacles were placed on our path
Sadness, Grief, and Regret

Optimistic you told me not to worry
Live today to the fullest you said

You make me better
You keep me sane
You keep me alive

You are the rainbow I need
Love of My Life

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Squidoo Updates: Valentine's Week

Okay, I know it's the 18th and not the 14th or the week of Valentine's but this Squidoo update is specific to Valentine's so that is what I titled it.

I'm joining Marsha's Spot for the New Lens and Hop linky. Each Thursday she picks a topic and we share a new Squidoo lens (article) about the topic. This week doesn't really have a theme it just happens to fall on Valentine's day.

Marsha talks about her latest lens, a Music Review, which was put in holding. For those not familiar with Squidoo, it is an article directory where you can write articles for free. Kind of like building a website for free but with one single page.

Anyway, she wrote a music review and her lens (article) got tagged for duplicate content. This means that something in her article was found somewhere else online. For this particular review she had to use content provided by someone else.

David Castillo via

I started to do reviews for blog communities at the end of last year but decided against it because much of what they wanted me to add to the blog was duplicate content. They had everyone post the same article about the product or service. Google doesn't like this.

I really don't know what do. Most companies make a generic post for all blogger partners to share - Writing 50 to 100 different and unique articles is just ridiculous. Instead of giving a blanket article or post I think it would be best if they gave you a topic to write about. This would solve the unique content dilemma. (Squidoo's thoughts on duplicate content)

How to Check for Duplicate Content

You can check for duplicate content by copying a sentence or two, adding quotes, and search on Google. is another place to check. (got this from GreekGeek's article about Google Panda Updates and how they affect Squidoo and Hubpage authors)

My Squidoo Lens to Share

My latest lens (article) talks about why I love writing for Squidoo.

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Crocheting my Life Back Update 1

Wow, Talk about a week of ill planning - as far as this new project is concerned I flopped. I had it in my head to do this. To really concentrate on being mindful about my body's signals for eating but the little girl in me just kicked it to the curb. (stats on the bottom of the post)

I did it 'my way'. I purposefully overate. I ignored my body's sign for hunger and ate anyway. Oh how I want to conquer this but wanting something and doing it are two different things right?

I need a plan. I know that when writing I have a plan of action I work through it and check off things that need to be done. This helps me complete a project.

I guess the good thing is I didn't gain weight. I'm still the same on the scale. It doesn't help because I know the truth - my heart is still 'sick'.

Plan For Next Week: 

  • I will print out the Spirit Calendar which comes with the program I'm doing
  • Schedule time for watching the video for the program
  • Study/Pray First thing in the morning. Lately I've been starting the day out with work not God. 
I'll report to you again next week to see if I followed through with my intentions. 

Want to join Cris in this project? You can cater it to what you want in your life - it doesn't have to be weight loss - that is just my particular 'demon'. Read Cris's latest post.

CMLB Update 1:

  1. I'll post each week and link up with Cris's blog 
  2. I'll share how many pounds lost as well as how many hearts made
  3. Was I successful in listening to my stomach's call for hunger 
  4. What I will do next week to listen better  
Beginning Weight: 327 lbs
Weekly Weight Loss/Weight Gain: 0/0
Total Weight Loss/Weight Gain: 0/0
Hearts Allowed: 0/0
Hearts Made: 0/0

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Monday, February 11, 2013

{Writing Prompt} If Time Stopped

Today I'm linking up with Ellen Stumbo for the Writing Prompt. Won't you join us

If time stopped right now I would be rather sad. I'm up late, thinking way too much and my boys, growing ever so fast are asleep along with the dad.

Not sure what we'd do - would I go wake them - they'd probably tell me to get some sleep and say that I'm crazy.
anekoho via

Crazy is the word that everyone likes to use when they describe me. It's no wonder that they are not quick to believe me when I tell them that time stopped.

My youngest, my sweet little boy - not so little - is challenging everything his dad and I ever taught him. I understand his need to separate from us to form his own ideas but this process is hard. It's painful. It's sad.

I would hope that once things settled down that they would realize that time stopped and that we had time to talk, to enjoy each others company. No more errands, no more school (I'm sure they will be thrilled) and no more doctor's appointments.

If time stood still would it heal? Could it heal? Would I be able to love on my boys enough for them to remember what it was like before the job loss, the home loss, the struggling to make even the minutest ends meet? Would they remember they used to laugh and not worry?

Right now it's quiet. It's easy to get carried away with selfish thoughts and what ifs.

I'd rather choose when time stopped. I'd want it to be a perfect joyous family moment. One where we were all in a nice comfortable home, spending time just hanging out together, laughing, talking, and not worrying.

The eldest son wouldn't worry about getting into college and fears of the unknowns of adulthood would vanish.

The youngest wouldn't worry about talking to girls or about the existence of God.

My husband wouldn't worry about finding a job or providing for his family.

I wouldn't worry about all of them.

Maybe if time stood still we could just BE. Be in the now. Be in the moment of here.

A couple of moments I would love to freeze:

  • The moment I held my boys for the first time
  • The moment I said I Do to my husband
  • The moment I hiked up to Vernal Falls for the first time by myself
  • The moment both boys said Mama and I love you 
  • The moment I first held my husbands hand
  • The first step 
  • My first kiss
  • When I knew I was in love 
  • When Eldest son held Youngest son in his arms for the first time
  • When both boys thought they could do anything  - no limits, no fears, 
  • Hearing my husband play his guitar
  • Staring into my husbands eyes
  • Singing "Silent Night" to my boys 
  • Holding a sleeping baby close to my heart 

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Crocheting My Life Back Introduction

Crochet with Cris started a crochet project where she is crocheting a granny square for each pound she loses.

I decided to join her this year in this. Instead of a granny square afghan I'll be crocheting hearts for each pound down.

My weight loss history is an insane nightmare. I don't try anymore because frankly if my heart isn't changed - meaning if I still use food to cope with stress and chaos in my life - I will never permanently lose weight.

I chose hearts because in my process I will be changing my heart attitude about weight. Crocheting helped me heal or fix my mind so I'm hoping it can be the means to heal my body.

My goal in this project is to retrain myself to listen to my stomach. I want to be able to listen to when my stomach is calling for food and when it is full.

Right now I do not care and eat whenever I feel like it - even when I'm sick. I eat out of hate for myself. If I am feeling particularly loathsome, I'll stuff food down until the pain goes away. It is usually carbohydrates but it really doesn't matter what it is - if I can eat it, I will.

To find out more about Cris's journey read her introduction post.

How this will work for me:

  1. I'll post each week and link up with Cris's blog 
  2. I'll share how many pounds lost as well as how many hearts made
  3. Was I successful in listening to my stomach's call for hunger 
  4. What I will do next week to listen better  
Beginning Weight: 327 lbs
Weekly Weight Loss/Weight Gain: 0
Total Weight Loss/Weight Gain: 0
Hearts Allowed: 0
Hearts Made: 0

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Friday, February 1, 2013

{Movie Review} The Guardian, a Coast Guard Movie

Yesterday I got my hook and yarn out to work on a project. Usually I turn the boob tube aka television on for background noise. I was browsing the stations and didn't find anything that seemed interesting. A movie called The Guardian came on Spike so thought I'd settle on that as it starred Kevin Costner.

I was not really into it as it was a training type of movie. You know the type, you follow students as they train for this job or that job. This was for the coast guard.

There I was sitting on the couch minding my own business, crocheting my scarf when out of the corner of my eye Kevin starts berating this guy for not being able to stay firm under pressure. That's when things started getting a little interesting for me. I was now actively watching this movie.

When you are in the coast guard you have to expect that people will panic and you certainly can't be panicking along with them right?

Ashton Kutcher takes the guy out for a beer where they 'of course' end up in a bar fight. It was this experience that 'toughened' the guy who panicked in the water.

I'm babbling.

Before I knew it I was crying. Ashton Kutcher finally graduated from the school and was a full fledged coast guard rescue swimmer. Totally disliked the scene where his girlfriend said 'we knew this was casual' - what? You can see that he loves her. How can it just end like that?

Eventually a job comes where Kevin's character ends up freezing on the job so wasn't able to save a guy - Ashton picks up the slack but it was this incident that makes Kevin quit being a rescue swimmer after years on the job.

Not going to tell you the end - but I was balling my eyes out. My husband walked into the room and the movie caught his eye too. He's not a television watcher. (not a big one anyway)  He found a few tears in his eyes too. He told me he was taken off guard.

Here's the song they played at the end of the movie - by this time I had soaked many tissues and well, my crochet project was no longer the center of my attention.

p.s. You gotta watch the movie to find out what happened to Ashton and his girl and did Kevin really quit?

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{Bloggy Moms} I Got A Little Carried Away

Completed Mr. Biki the Buffalo
Writing today with Bloggy Moms - Join in the Blog Dare Writing Prompt fun.

Over the weekend I found a little craft to do on Pinterest - you know how that is. As I was making the cute little animal cards by, I envisioned all sorts of animals. I could see a cat, a dog, a sock monkey and even a little fox.

I tried to get the boys involved but at 12 and 17 they weren't too thrilled at helping me.

I took out my construction paper, scissors, glue stick and the templates. (you can download them at the site above)
Getting Ready to Trace onto Construction Paper

Already to be put together - Let's breathe some life into him

The same process had to be repeated for each little character - Kate the Koala, Riley the Raccoon, and Yolanda the Yeti. The heart pictured above was glued to the inside of each card and I added a little silly valentine note. 

I Love You (that brown thing is his tongue)

Back of the Card
I glued the name of each character to the back of the card just so I would remember them. 
Riley the Raccoon 
Inside reads: 1 Rockin' Raccoon 

Kate the Koala
Inside Reads: I've Koala'n for You

Yolanda the Yeti
Inside Reads: I Love you Yeti Much

Finally my little Guy - the Fox. Not so sure what to name him so I thought I'd ask you. What should Mr. Foxes name be? Does he look like a dog to you? 

Mr. Fox without a name 

Inside Reads: Foxy Mama
I did get a wee carried away with these cards. Now, who will I give them too? My boys are way too sophisticated (old) for valentine's although they don't mind the candy so much. I might just keep them for myself.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

{Writing Promp} Walking In His Shoes

image: chrissroll
The following is a post writing with the writing prompt "Walking in his shoes" via Ellen Stumbo's linky. 

My life is filled with stumbling blocks, some I put in my way, others were put there by strangers or family members. The one thing I keep in mind is that nothing matters except for love.

I want to live my life following Jesus. Jesus is Love for me. He walked in love. He cared for everyone even those who spat in his face.

Walking in his shoes would mean that I take my time to live in the moment - to breath in the smiles of every person I pass on the street.

Walking in his shoes means that I will give up selfish gain in order to meet your needs.

Holding on to children and telling the adults who think 'they are in the way' and should be 'quiet' would be me, walking in his shoes.

Touching the untouchables, loving them, caring for them despite my fear and despite my natural tendency to turn away would be walking in his shoes.

I tend to think way too much on ME. I feel like I suffer when in fact I suffer very little if at all.

Walking in Jesus' shoes means being beat up, being lied about, being kicked, teased, disrespected, accused of being a devil and a cheat. It means wearing a crown of thorns and being accused of blasphemy yet loving anyway.

Walking in his shoes means that I will know who I am. I am a child of the living God. Someone who knows her weaknesses, admits to them, and spends the necessary time in prayer seeking the strength to make it through the next moment.

Walking in his shoes means that even though what I have to do is painful and goes against everything I think 'should be' I do it anyway because it is right.

Walking in his shoes means

Doing what it takes

speaking up for those who need it most

loving when I don't feel like it

keeping my tongue when I want to yell and scream

being patient with my son after telling him for the 100th time that it is okay to go
outside that talking with other people isn't as bad as he might think

not thinking negative thoughts about my ability as a parent of a son with Aspergers

not letting exhaustion over separating things so they don't touch because it really stresses him out with a kind and willing heart instead of hidden animosity

not hating myself because I wish he was born differently, 'normal'

not wishing I was dead but rather living each moment with the intention to love each person, each moment, even the imperfect ones

Walking in his shoes means less of me and more of HIM.

Want to just write? Join up with Ellen Stumbo each week as she shares a writing prompt.

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{Crochet} Working My New Scarf

Pattern: Team Spirit Throw

I finally finished my San Francisco Giant's blanket and the sweet gal finally has possession of it. I love finished objects.

Now, what to do next?

Instead of designing patterns I decided to concentrate on working up other crocheters' patterns. I have tons of patterns that I've purchased over the years but never made. No more. 2013 is the year of the completed projects for me.

Soon after the Giants blanket was done and washed I took out my large 'K' hook and the rest of the white Red Heart super saver yarn. I decided to work on a new pattern I bought for my kindle.

The pattern is by Sedruola Maruska and is called the Chains Crochet Scarf Pattern. It is a beginner pattern and uses the extended single crochet stitch.

What I Like About This Pattern

I like the simplicity of it. I know that when my crochet students ask to move past the simple double crochet scarf I have them make - I will suggest this one.  I also like that the chain stitches work as a  noose stitch. (see picture above - I simply slipped one end of the scarf into the chain stitches) 

This pattern is very adaptable. You could easily make the scarf thinner by using less stitches in the foundation row. You can also make it into a cowl if you wanted - adding a couple of buttons to the front. 

What Can Be Improved

First off, this is a great pattern but I do wish there was a reference to how to make the extended single crochet stitch. Before this pattern I did not know this stitch. I did a Google search and found a tutorial for it by CrochetnCrafts on Youtube. Second, I think that it could have been written with a little bit more detail. (Sedie has her own tutorial for the extended crochet stitch - you can check that out here.) 

For Example: 

It says to repeat row 11 for pattern but I''m thinking she meant to write repeat row 11 and 12 for pattern. It states to repeat rows 14 - 18 until you have desired length but I think she meant to write 'repeat row 13 - 18' because if you didn't make row 13 you would have 4 rows of extended singles instead of 5 which is what you start out with. 

Knowing how to read patterns and fill in the missing parts is how I was able to complete this scarf but if you are new to reading patterns (note - it does say it is an advanced beginner pattern) you might get a little lost. 

Who This Pattern is For

If you know how to read patterns - meaning, you know what the designer means even though it isn't specifically written - then this pattern is for you. 

Who This Pattern is NOT For

This pattern is not for someone new to reading patterns. If you are a beginner crocheter who knows how to make a chain and single crochet stitch you might be able to make this pattern with assistance. i.e. get a little help from a friend 

One more thing to note, Sedruola offers pattern assistance. If you buy the pattern just contact her via her website or the email given in the pattern. 

Disclosure: The opinions are my own. I bought this pattern and was not paid or compensated for this review. The link to the pattern is an affiliate link to the Amazon pattern. 

Linking up with It's Maybe Monday hosted by ZaMarah of Designs by Hebrew Hands.

What's on your hook? Share below and be sure to share your ideas with ZaMarah in the linky above. 

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1 John 4: 7-8 NKJV

"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, for God is love."

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John 13: 34 NKJV

"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another."

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I recommend products for which I will receive a commission if you choose to purchase using my link. (Amazon) I also do product reviews for a chance to win a prize. (one2onenetwork)