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Monday, February 11, 2013

Crocheting My Life Back Introduction

Crochet with Cris started a crochet project where she is crocheting a granny square for each pound she loses.

I decided to join her this year in this. Instead of a granny square afghan I'll be crocheting hearts for each pound down.

My weight loss history is an insane nightmare. I don't try anymore because frankly if my heart isn't changed - meaning if I still use food to cope with stress and chaos in my life - I will never permanently lose weight.

I chose hearts because in my process I will be changing my heart attitude about weight. Crocheting helped me heal or fix my mind so I'm hoping it can be the means to heal my body.

My goal in this project is to retrain myself to listen to my stomach. I want to be able to listen to when my stomach is calling for food and when it is full.

Right now I do not care and eat whenever I feel like it - even when I'm sick. I eat out of hate for myself. If I am feeling particularly loathsome, I'll stuff food down until the pain goes away. It is usually carbohydrates but it really doesn't matter what it is - if I can eat it, I will.

To find out more about Cris's journey read her introduction post.

How this will work for me:

  1. I'll post each week and link up with Cris's blog 
  2. I'll share how many pounds lost as well as how many hearts made
  3. Was I successful in listening to my stomach's call for hunger 
  4. What I will do next week to listen better  
Beginning Weight: 327 lbs
Weekly Weight Loss/Weight Gain: 0
Total Weight Loss/Weight Gain: 0
Hearts Allowed: 0
Hearts Made: 0

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