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Monday, January 28, 2013

{Crochet} Working My New Scarf

Pattern: Team Spirit Throw

I finally finished my San Francisco Giant's blanket and the sweet gal finally has possession of it. I love finished objects.

Now, what to do next?

Instead of designing patterns I decided to concentrate on working up other crocheters' patterns. I have tons of patterns that I've purchased over the years but never made. No more. 2013 is the year of the completed projects for me.

Soon after the Giants blanket was done and washed I took out my large 'K' hook and the rest of the white Red Heart super saver yarn. I decided to work on a new pattern I bought for my kindle.

The pattern is by Sedruola Maruska and is called the Chains Crochet Scarf Pattern. It is a beginner pattern and uses the extended single crochet stitch.

What I Like About This Pattern

I like the simplicity of it. I know that when my crochet students ask to move past the simple double crochet scarf I have them make - I will suggest this one.  I also like that the chain stitches work as a  noose stitch. (see picture above - I simply slipped one end of the scarf into the chain stitches) 

This pattern is very adaptable. You could easily make the scarf thinner by using less stitches in the foundation row. You can also make it into a cowl if you wanted - adding a couple of buttons to the front. 

What Can Be Improved

First off, this is a great pattern but I do wish there was a reference to how to make the extended single crochet stitch. Before this pattern I did not know this stitch. I did a Google search and found a tutorial for it by CrochetnCrafts on Youtube. Second, I think that it could have been written with a little bit more detail. (Sedie has her own tutorial for the extended crochet stitch - you can check that out here.) 

For Example: 

It says to repeat row 11 for pattern but I''m thinking she meant to write repeat row 11 and 12 for pattern. It states to repeat rows 14 - 18 until you have desired length but I think she meant to write 'repeat row 13 - 18' because if you didn't make row 13 you would have 4 rows of extended singles instead of 5 which is what you start out with. 

Knowing how to read patterns and fill in the missing parts is how I was able to complete this scarf but if you are new to reading patterns (note - it does say it is an advanced beginner pattern) you might get a little lost. 

Who This Pattern is For

If you know how to read patterns - meaning, you know what the designer means even though it isn't specifically written - then this pattern is for you. 

Who This Pattern is NOT For

This pattern is not for someone new to reading patterns. If you are a beginner crocheter who knows how to make a chain and single crochet stitch you might be able to make this pattern with assistance. i.e. get a little help from a friend 

One more thing to note, Sedruola offers pattern assistance. If you buy the pattern just contact her via her website or the email given in the pattern. 

Disclosure: The opinions are my own. I bought this pattern and was not paid or compensated for this review. The link to the pattern is an affiliate link to the Amazon pattern. 

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