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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fighting the Winter Sniffles

This past week I've been Fighting the Winter Sniffles. I've even lost my voice. My boys are having a great time making fun of the squeeks that I try to make as I speak to them. I'm kind of glad this came early in the season because it seems to never fail that when the kids are on school break around the holidays I'm sick in bed.

Searching the internet this week I found a few natural remedies for colds. Not sure if that is what I had because I did have a fever.

The first I found is an Immune Boosting Tea over on It was a bit too late for me to use this but I'm saving it for the future. I'm not a real herb or natural type of person but since I'm trying to stay off of over-the-counter and prescription medicines I'm starting to look into them.
Immune Boosting Tea -

Link to Immune Boosting Tea:

The second remedy I found was a Chest Tincture by In it she describes using Mustard Poultice. She includes two recipes, one for children and the other for adults. I really didn't have a chance to use this as I didn't have a chest cold, it was more of a sore throat, sinus headache and eventually laryngitis. Again, I'm keeping this one close because although she says it can get a bit hot I don't think it would be any more hot than vapor rub (I hope) and I'm guessing it is cheaper.

Link to Mustard Poultice Recipes:

Now this last one is the one that had me wishing I had it. It is Mullein which is good for chest colds, wheezing, ear aches and the flu. All symptoms I usually have toward the end of the year. If a cold gets into my chest I end up getting bronchitis and having it for what seems like months.

Link to Joybilee Farm (TM):

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