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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3/3/2009 Flu with a Brain

Originally posted on 3/3/2009

I'm thinking that maybe the Flu is getting smarter! It went through us from Youngest to Oldest within 72 hours. (24 hour bug)

My little one came home from school on Friday just fine. He was so excited about the weekend, got his play stuff, went outside, and by 7pm he was in bed with an upset belly. At first I thought it might have been something he ate as he does get lunch at school and sometimes they don't go well with him.

By 10pm he was full on Flu- poor guy hardly got any sleep. I have never seen the flu come on so quickly and so forcefully. It was like a 'bomb' exploded inside his intestines and the 'poison' was being excreted from his wee body. He was so pale, so weak, and so lethargic.

He asked me to pray for him 3 - 5 times because he told me he thought he was going to die. :( Poor guy. He lost like 10 pounds over night. By the time 7pm rolled around the next day - it was over. No more illness.

However, my eldest son complained of an upset stomach and then we had a repeat of last night. Then a couple of hours later I got ill and then 11pm my hubby got ill and then finally at 2am my Mom got ill. Gramps didn't get ill.(lucky) I guess my illness wasn't as bad as my son's, moms, or my hubby's because they said they felt like they were going to die. All three of them were non-stop sick for at least 4 - 6 hours which really wiped them out - energy wise.

So, dear family and friends, isn't it nice that you have me to explain the mundane details of the flu in our household. :) Wishing you all a great March and looking forward to Passover. We took some pics outside today so hopefully will have those uploaded soon. We will also be connecting our old computer so mayber will have regular access again. ((hugs)) and LOVE to all of you - Lots of Kisses

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