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Friday, August 3, 2012

Finally Friday #5: Wahm Week in Review

Wahm Week in Review:

Another week has passed me by and this is day I gather up all I've done to prove to myself that I'm not wasting my time   record my progress. 


I am currently working on another book. I say this as though I'm an author but the reality is I just enjoy writing. My first book 'Hooking for Cash' is now on Kindle and my goal is to add more eBooks to my Kindle library.

My next book is more of a personal book as it goes into my faith and various challenges I've faced and the verses and tools I've used to overcome them. I hope this will be a blessing to those who read it.


I wrote two articles for Hubpages this week. I'm doing a series of Home Based Business articles. The first one is making soap from home and the second is selling cupcakes from home. Do you have a specific business you'd like me to write about?

Squidoo Challenge:

Added another lens to my 52 Lens a Year challenge. This time it's a review for a book coming out in September. Of course it is a crochet book but it is one I'm looking forward to reading and practicing. Made the lens Ice Cream Sandwich Day for a Quest.

Crochet Business:

This week Kathryn of Crochet Concupiscence launched her book "Crochet Saved My Life" and so I added her press release to the blog. I also bought the Kindle version so will be reviewing this book soon. If you have ever experienced the healing powers of crochet for depression you'll know what she speaks of when she says that crochet saved her life.

Momwithahook's Journal:

This week I did a couple of posts over on - a place that is a forum for handmade as well as a shopping and selling venue. You can learn so much from the great articles they have on their blog. Shared my completed snake hat which a pattern from Susan,Crochet Addict.

Sara Duggan:

Received a gift from my first One2One Network job. It was to give some social media buzz to a grilling contest and those who participated were entered into a drawing for a grilling kit. Well, I won the grand prize so this past week I got to enjoy some of the fruits of the job. Yummy grilling and basting with the seasoning rub that came in the kit.


Sold a Namaste bag via Amazon module on Squidoo (should see this in a couple of months)
Sold 1 copy of Hooking for Cash on Kindle
Sold 2 copies of Hooking for Cash via website
July Amazon sales were $3.25 with 7 items sold

Not too excellent - financial goal right now is to earn 40 dollars a day so I'm not doing too well. 

Sara's Cool Sites of the Week:

  1. Writers on the Move - I attended a workshop with Karen Cioffi. I found her via Ezine Articles and love this blog as it teaches about the mechanics of writing as well as the marketing side to selling your work. 
  2. 31 Days Blog Challenge - I will be taking this challenge on for this blog come August 13th. I'm hoping that I will be able to find a purpose for this blog during this challenge. I feel right now it is pretty scattered because I use it as a journal as and as a record of my online writing adventures. 
  3. Free Writing eCourse - Free writing is a practice where you set aside 10 minutes and write. Sarah has a course on doing it using writing prompts. 
  4. AllisonCrow - She's a business coach for creatives. I connected with her via the Ultimate Blog Challenge last month on my Crochet Business Blog and each time her posts come into my Facebook stream it brings me joy. She has a number of workshops as well as a free 52 week journal course. 
  5. NakedVa - I came across this blog on Facebook when she shared a post about how business relates to the Olympics. Her site deals with the realities of being a virtual assistant and you can find interviews with VA's who are successfully making a living. 

That's it for me this week. How was you week? What accomplishments are you proud of? What one way did you move your business forward this week? Comment below and share.

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