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Monday, August 20, 2012

B90Days: Day 1

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Today is the first day of the Read the Bible in 90 Days challenged hosted by Mom's Tool Box. I've participated in the challenge 2 times in the past with her group and then one time on my own. Although you may want to do this you may not know what type of commitment it entails.

1. Plan For It

There is just no way around this. If you don't set aside a time to get the reading done you probably will not do it. Intentions are great but it is the follow through that is important. To receive daily reminders be sure to like MomsToolBox on Facebook or subscribe to the RSS feed.

2. Pray

Start your time out by praying. It doesn't have to be a long prayer, a simple God, thank you for your Word, will do. Let God and your heart be your guide.

3. Check In

Remember to set reminders to check in every Monday. You don't want to read and miss out on your mentor group or other jewels along the way via the blog simply because you forgot this part.

I like to add these little reminders to my Google calendar so that a pop up will happen 30 minutes prior to the event as well as an email the day before. If you don't know how to use Google calendar just comment below and I'll walk you through it.

4. Communicate

Comment on the blog, this blog, in the facebook group (hasn't been set up yet) and on twitter. If you follow me on twitter (@momwithahook) and on Facebook (SaraDuggan1994) you'll get reminders throughout the day. You can also participate in the weekly Twitter parties with the hastag #B90Days each Monday night at 8 - 9pm CST. On Facebook you can follow Momstoolbox and chat with other participants.

5. Utilize the Bookmark 

Print out the bookmark and place it in your Bible. Check of the readings as you complete them. Tape one to your fridge, your bathroom mirror or even in front of your computer. This keeps the Bible in front of you throughout the day and aids in reminding you to read your 12 pages for the day.

What do you think will be most challenging for you? 

This post is also the List Post for the 31 Days Blogging Challenge
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