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Friday, July 27, 2012

Finally Friday #4: Wahm Week in Review

It's Finally Friday! Yay! What are you planning on doing this weekend? How has your week been as far as writing or developing your home business?

This is the last week for our "free" summer break as I have to start thinking of curriculum and lesson plans and such.

J. hurt his foot in Karate yesterday so he'll be seeing the doctor.

N. is finally done with summer school but complains that life is just 'boring'. I suggest things to do but of course that's not good enough. Funny how when you complain about boredom you don't really want a solution.

Week in Review:


Crochet Business:
On the final three days of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and the 31 Days of Crochet Blogging challenge. I'll wean off of daily posting and be going to a 3/day a week posting MWF. I will be adding interviews on Friday's of current crochet businesses.
Momwithahook's Journal:

Sara Duggan Blog:
Participated in a sponsored post - just had to write about a contest that Frigidaire was having and spread the word via social media. I wasn't paid for the post but I was entered into a contest for a gift card. My first assignment with the One2One Network was the BBQ social media sharing assignment. I did win the Grand Prize for that one. :)

Crochet with Mom Blog:
This week I talked more about crocheting in the round and linked to a really cool script that produces a perfect sphere.

Guest Blogging:
This week I was blessed to guest post over on SusanD's blog in which I shared a crochet pattern for a coaster using the picot stitch as a border. I'm accepting Guest bloggers for August if you'd like to apply at Crochet with Mom which is a site for sharing crochet lessons and tutorials.

Published my eBook "Hooking for Cash" on Kindle - 10 ways to earn money from your crochet blog. :) This brings me to my latest writing challenge. It is called the "Kindle Challenge" hosted by Tiffany Dow via her blog and her Facebook page. The goal is to write one page of content per day for the next 31 days. I started out a bit slow but now that I know where I'm headed I am moving along nicely.

Sara's Cool Sites of the Week:

  • A Great Writers Course - 15 habits of great writers, takes you through 15 days of lessons with the first being declaring that you are indeed a 'Writer'.  
  • A great little piece by a fellow blogger who is participating in the UBC (blog challenge) talks about how homeschooling can bring your family closer together. I really like his blog - it is pro-family and pro-relationship with tips on how to cherish and nurture your relationship with your life partner. 
  • Youth NaNoWriMo - a site I might have J. take part in this year for writing 

What have you done this week? Comment below and Join the Linky. :)

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