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Friday, July 20, 2012

Finally Friday #3: Writing As Fast As My Fingers Will Move

This has been quite a busy week for me. We had lots of appointments outside of the house which meant I had to do some creative time management. J. had an appointment - pre-diagnosis for Asp. and then we had to meet with his Homeschool teacher to go over curriculum for the 6th grade. (Can't believe he's in middle school)

This Week in Review: (Yes, she really does get things done.)

Sara Duggan Blog:

I've been trying to regularly post here Wednesday's and Friday's. These linky's have helped me keep this commitment. I'm sure once school starts next month I'll be posting more as I usually do so for J.'s school work. I started a campaign with One 2 One Network - Hellmann's - to see how this works on this blog. Not quite sponsored posts but posts that do offer me a chance to win a gift card.

Momwithahook Blog:

Only got one post in this week but it does include a crochet flower pattern. (smile) I'm trying to teach myself how to read and write charts so did a bit of tinkering with Word and Photoshop. I think it looks okay but then not sure how crocheters will understand it.

Crochet Business Blog:

photo courtesy:

Going along with the Ultimate Blog Challenge and the 31 Days of Crochet Blogging challenge. Have been super blessed with visiting so many great business men and women. I even found a couple of new crochet and knitting blogs to follow.

Crochet with Me Blog:

So far I'm only posting to this blog once a week - Monday's. Eventually my goal is to have guest bloggers stop by to teach different techniques and stitches. The latest stitch I reviewed was the little scallops stitch with is great for blankets and face towels.

I finally took the time to go through half of my articles (50+) and update the tags. I went to SquidUtils and did health checks on them and noticed I had a number of orphan tags. (not many articles shared these tags) I changed many of the primary tags as the ones I was using were pretty much useless. Hoping this will improve the ranks on these articles. I also added all my crochet patterns to Pinterest on a board of their own.

I did manage to get one new article made - Dorm Living - which I monetized with Amazon. I use the Wood theme for this lens and I love the way it looks.

Did you know that I am a Rocket Squid mentor? You wouldn't know it by my activity over there. I am really slacking when it comes to this. Note: Make time for Rocket Squids each day (15 minutes)


Didn't get to write a Hub this past week but did earn a Accolade because I hit the 1,000 mark for views. Yay - I started with the intention this year to write more over there and it seems to be paying off. I do need to market these articles more. (Reality - so far for the month of July I've earned a total of 0.60 cents.)


Published two articles this week with links back to this blog. Hoping to increase traffic and get more people to participate in the linky's. Top 10 Garage Sale Tips for When You Need Cash Fast & Job Hunting Tips.


I completely forgot I had an article writing account at Webnuggetz - I started writing over there when I was raising money for Compassion International. I no longer do that so I got rid of that page and updated the Math Curriculum review I had on there. I will be doing more homeschool topics as the year progresses.

Additional Assignments:

  • Assisting someone with blogging
  • Writing for - today I put together 4 articles while waiting for my husband and son to go shopping. Just need to post them. 

I am so hoping all this writing will net me profits at the end of the month. I did turn in my points for a $20 PayPal Gift Voucher and submitted a proposal for an article that might be featured in August. (keeping my fingers crossed)

Just doing one more revision of the Hooking for Cash eBook before it goes live on the Kindle & Nook. So excited for that.

What did You accomplish this week? I'd love for you to share below. 

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