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Friday, July 6, 2012

Finally Friday #1

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This is my second linky for this blog. My first one I started last week - Keeping Home Wednesday.

I'm trying to consistently write articles each week and this is my way of tracking what I accomplish in a tangible way. If you'd like to join in add your link below. Let us know what you accomplished in your writing or other wahm business this week.

Articles Completed, Published and Live:

This month I'm participating in a blog challenge so I'm trying to get traffic to that blog. I have a number of outlines completed for future articles and want to get these written up and live. I also started writing for a number of clients and that will be wrapped up by Monday.



I also have 2 articles yet to be published. :)


How to Use the Internet to Turn Your Crochet Hobby into Cash


Top 10 Crochet Communities Online
I also updated the Rss for all the hubpages as they were outdated. (blog no longer active)


Nothing this week.

Additional Writing Jobs:

This week I'm working on a series of articles for a client. 5 blog posts for a health supplement. Just finished this up today. This weekend I'll be working on another 5 articles (500+ words) too.

As I sit here and review my week it shows me that I did indeed work this week. I didn't include the blog posts I wrote for my blogs (4) or the blog commenting or social networking. Maybe in a future check in I'll include that as well.

How did you do this week? Share your accomplishments below. 

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