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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cleaning the Kitchen #5 - The Microwave

This is part 5 in the Cleaning the Kitchen Series: Microwaves

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For stuck on food you want to fill a microwavable cup with water and heat for 2 minutes. This will loosen the food stuff. Heat a bit longer if it is still stuck on. Next, remove the plug from the electric socket. 

With your cleaning solution and a sponge or cotton dishcloth wipe the inside surface clean making sure to get the corners, top and sides. Clean the inside door, top and side corners. 

Finally, close the microwave and clean the front of the microwave as well as the sides and top. If you need to, dust the back.

If your microwave has a turn table, you can remove this and the plastic turning wheel. Wash by hand or if your glass turn table is dishwasher save, add it to your next load of dishes.

Learning from Pinterest: 

Okay, so now that I have this series all written up, I am finding other bloggers who have done the same thing - Note that last week I mentioned Jillee and her tips for cleaning the Dishwasher? Well, I found her again on Pinterest and this time for cleaning the microwave. I don't use vinegar but I might just try that. Also, learned something new - plain old rubbing alcohol makes for a great shine on just about all kitchen surfaces.

Practically Functional also has a tip - very similar about how she cleans her microwave:

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How do you clean your microwave? Comment below and let me know.

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